Citrix Workspace vs. VMware Workspace ONE

Today’s IT environments are complex—and employees expect the same flexibility and ease of use while working that they experience at home on their personal devices. A digital workspace delivers secure, easy access to apps and data from a single interface. But implementing a digital workspace solution can raise a number of new questions for IT to answer:

  • Can your digital workspace solution give workers the seamless experience they expect and need to be productive?
  • Will you have the choices available to confidently complete your cloud transformation—and maintain the necessary levels of security and management at the same time?
  • Can you ensure that sensitive data stays protected, even when workers are engaging in risky behavior or using multiple SaaS apps?

Compared to VMware, only Citrix:

Delivers a better user experience.

Streamlines common tasks, delivers personalized notifications, unifies apps, desktops and files in a common interface, provides access to files from different repositories – with high app performance.

Gives IT choice.

Offers choices for IT while streamlining management across apps, data, devices and networks, which makes it easier to smoothly transition and accomplish digital transformation without disrupting the business.

Keeps your infrastructure secure.

Implements security controls across apps, data, devices and networks for common threats, including malware, denial of service, phishing attacks, and user error.

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12 Reasons why Citrix Workspace is a better choice than VMware Workspace ONE.

Only Citrix provides a unified, secure and intelligent workspace solution that delivers experience, security and choice.

  • Application and data access: Unified access to apps and data from a single interface
  • User productivity: Intelligent workflows combined with event-driven and actionable notifications; unique integration with Office 365 on mobile devices
  • Content collaboration: Fully-integrated, award-winning content collaboration solution
  • App performance: Market-leading network capabilities to optimize application performance regardless of location, network or cloud
  • Security analytics: User behavior analytics combining data from networks, apps, and data for a holistic view; automated remediation
  • SaaS/web security: Integrated SaaS/web security including hardened, secure browser, web isolation, web filtering, and watermarking
  • Identity and access: Single sign-on (SSO) solution for all application types
  • Workspace deployment: Deployment of workloads and data on any public/private cloud or on-premises and management through a single console
  • Workspace management: Single console for configuration and management combined with built-in administrative workflows and predictive analytics
  • Endpoint management: Integrated unified endpoint management to enable secure device choice

We want to be a data-driven city. We want to add new services. Citrix Workspace allows us to maximize our IT investments.

Kyle Edgeworth
Deputy CIO
City of Corona

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