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Managing app delivery with Citrix

As enterprises adopt hybrid cloud strategies, applications are distributed across clouds connected through the Internet, and customers access these apps online. With an increasing reliance on the Internet for application delivery to users, connectivity experiences can vary greatly due to frequent and dynamic changes in Internet conditions, which are not controlled by any single entity. Traditional global server load balancing (GSLB) is blind to the state of the Internet.

When building an application delivery strategy over the Internet, you need to consider optimal placement of points of presence for your content based on the location of your main audience. You need visibility into the ever-changing conditions of the Internet and updates on application health to intelligently steer requests to the best point of presence and server for each individual user.

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Citrix Intelligent Traffic Management collects up to 15 billion data points every day to understand Internet conditions in real time. Citrix measures availability, latency, and throughput to all the major cloud providers and content delivery networks from hundreds of millions of real user endpoints in 50,000 ISP networks across the globe.

Collation and analysis of these data points with machine learning techniques results in a real-time, virtual map of Internet user experience. This depth of visibility into the dynamic state of the Internet is unmatched in the industry and allows for the steering of individual user requests to the best source at the time the request is made.

Citrix ADC provides live data center visibility by monitoring server CPU utilization, active connections, and availability. Citrix Intelligent Traffic Management has a real-time understanding of Internet conditions, like latency, throughput, and reachability, from the perspective of each user. Citrix ADC and Citrix Intelligent Traffic Management together, with combined visibility and analysis of the Internet and application servers, select the optimal resource that will deliver the best user experience for each individual.

A fully configurable policy engine allows you to create your own rules for traffic steering. By combining Citrix ADC with Citrix Intelligent Traffic Management, you can truly deliver your applications and content in line with your business requirements, wherever your applications reside.

Migrating applications to the cloud is tough enough without having to guess the best place to host your content and applications. Citrix Intelligent Traffic Management makes use of the data it collects to allow you to simulate the experience between your userbase and the location where your content resides.

Citrix Intelligent Traffic Management performance visualizer allows you to select your prospective cloud region or input the IP address of your data centers to assess the delivery experience to specific user locations instantly. Using real data, it can compare different application delivery and content placement scenarios. This helps your business make more informed decisions about where to host applications and content as you expand to new markets or migrate workloads to the cloud.

Citrix product

Citrix ADC

  • Delivers the best user experience for any application, regardless of where it is hosted.
  • Software-centric, feature-rich, and flexible for deployment in a variety of form factors and clouds.
  • Integrated, comprehensive L3 – L7 application and API security.

Citrix Intelligent Traffic Management

  • Collects up to 15 billion data points every day to understand Internet conditions in real time.
  • Compares different application delivery and content placement scenarios.
  • Selects the destination that will deliver the best user experience for each individual.

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