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The emergence of cloud-native microservice-based applications is transforming IT, driven by a need for dynamic scaling, agility, and application portability across clouds. These cloud-native applications require extensive infrastructure automation, security, and monitoring. They also demand a change in how applications are delivered to users to maintain the best experience possible. Enterprises are assembling bespoke platforms for microservices built with Kubernetes and open source tools. Diverse stakeholders including platform teams, site reliability engineers, DevOps, and application developers are coming together, but each with their own needs.

When building your cloud-native application delivery strategy, you need a single solution that addresses unique stakeholder needs and integrates with your Kubernetes environment and CNCF tools. The ideal solution provides architecture choice while ensuring application availability and consistent security.

Redefining the ADC: Bridging the gap between traditional (IT) and DevOps app delivery

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Citrix ADC offers architecture choices for cloud-native novices and experts alike, so you can transition to cloud-native apps at your own pace. Cloud-native novices can start with a simple Ingress architecture to achieve the quickest route to production for both the platform and network teams. Cloud-native experts can choose the service mesh architecture to take advantage of advanced traffic steering, inter-container security, advanced resiliency, deeper observability, and analytics. Service mesh architecture is well-suited for ultra-secure communications among microservices and fine grain traffic steering per container for financial and other highly secure applications.

Citrix ADC is available in physical, virtual, container, public cloud, and private cloud form factors for your deployment architecture needs.

Citrix pooled capacity licensing enables flexibility to move capacity among ADC deployments. This offers better utilization of your licensed capacity and license management automation

Citrix ADC offers out-of-the-box integration with your choice of cloud-native platforms, cloud-managed Kubernetes, and Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) open source tools. Citrix continuously integrates more CNCF and open source tools and will continue to announce more in the future.

Some of the cloud-native platforms supported by Citrix ADC are Amazon Web Services (EKS), Google Cloud Platform (GKE), Microsoft Azure (AKS), Pivotal (PKS), and RedHat OpenShift. Some of the supported tools include:

  • Prometheus and Grafana for analytics and insights
  • Spinnaker for canary deployment and CI/CD
  • Elasticsearch and Kibana data storage and search tools
  • Fluent for data collection

Citrix Application Delivery Management is a centralized network management, orchestration, and analytics solution that offers a single pane of glass to manage your Citrix ADC deployments across hybrid, multi-cloud environments for traditional and microservice-based applications. You can manage all of your ADC form factors, such as virtual, physical, or container, across on-premises, public, and private cloud deployments. Citrix Application Delivery Management is available for deployment on premises, in a container, or as a Citrix Cloud service.

The Citrix Application Delivery Management service graph enables you to visualize microservice maps while gaining insights about throughput, saturation, errors, and latency for each microservice. The intuitive user interface shows a health score for each microservice and detects anomalies to proactively identify potential problems.

In today’s world, applications and APIs are among an organization’s most valuable—and most vulnerable—assets. Citrix ADC integrated Layer 3 to Layer 7 security protects both your traditional and cloud-native applications. Web application firewall, DDoS protection, TLS/SSL, content inspection, and rate limiting combine to ensure your applications and APIs are safe and secure.

Citrix web application firewall also offers the best in-class price to performance ratio, validated by the third-party NSS Labs. You can offload SSL processing from your firewalls, IDS, and anti-virus platforms to Citrix ADC to make your infrastructure security platforms perform better and at a lower cost.

Citrix product

Citrix ADC

  • Citrix ADC CPX provides a DevOps-friendly, cloud-native ADC in a Docker container.
  • Full L4-7 capabilities are available starting from development environment, through testing and deployment, which shortens time to production.

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