Citrix and Cisco Application and Desktop Virtualization

Secure delivery of Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops anytime, anywhere, on any device 

Bellevue Group accelerates their workforce with Cisco HyperFlex VDI for Citrix

Simple and Flexible VDI Solution with Cisco HyperFlex VDI for Citrix

Meander Hospital virtualizes their apps and desktops using Cisco HyperFlex VDI for Citrix

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Citrix Hybrid Cloud Desktop Solution on Cisco

Cisco HyperFlex VDI for Citrix

Working together, Cisco and Citrix have developed a set of fully integrated solutions that can be used to build a high-performance, scalable, and agile infrastructure that supports mobile users without sacrificing security and compliance.

These services can be accessed from any device, at any time, from any location, to provide superior user experience and bring-your-own-device flexibility to users while delivering centralized application and OS management and security to IT managers – increasing workplace flexibility, business continuity, user mobility, and productivity.

  • Virtual GPU sharing capabilities bring high-end graphics and HD video processing to every device, giving even mobile devices and tablets the equivalent power of workstations costing thousands of dollars.
  • Framehawk technology provides a superior user experience over any network. Even HD video appears sharp and uninterrupted despite high latency or spotty connections.
  • Industry-leading single-disk management tools allow administrators to manage thousands of user desktops as well as multiple applications with a single disk image per OS or app, greatly simplifying installations and upgrades while enabling full customization capabilities for end users.
  • Streaming provisioning services allow for instant OS provisioning and upgrades with minimal interruption for end users.
  • Best-in-class security keeps applications and sensitive data safe with no intellectual property leaving the confines of the data center.
With patient information at their fingertips wherever they go, our nurses and physicians have reached a new level of synergy with each other. This has been a huge benefit for our practitioners, as well as, the children they care for. Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops and Cisco UCS are the foundation for our success with desktop virtualization.
Jake Hughes
Chief Architect for Infrastructure Systems
Seattle Children's Hospital

Our expanded portfolio of app and desktop virtualization solution architectures makes the combined Citrix and Cisco technologies even more powerful. From integrated solutions with Cisco UCS and Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, to converged infrastructure systems such as Flexpod with Citrix and SmartStack with Citrix, to hyper-converged infrastructure with Cisco HyperFlex VDI for Citrix, customers benefit from the breadth of validated and tested technology innovation from Citrix and Cisco Application and Desktop Virtualization Solutions.

We set up a Citrix VDI in our HyperFlex cluster. It runs a lot faster than the existing desktop. I see advantages in using Cisco HyperFlex because of its flexibility and building blocks, so you can mix and match the CPU power and storage power required for your application and scale.
Paul Bauwens
IT Architect
Meander Medical Centre

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