Webinar Event Hybrid Multi Cloud - what is it and how can Citrix help?
Sep 15 2020
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Sep 15, 2020

You need to be able to react quickly to whatever is thrown up, nothing is as certain as change! A lot of our customers have started to look more closely at Public cloud to try and solve some of their short term capacity issues and as we evolve to whatever the new normal now is, how will Cloud be utilised in that new model?

Can it take more of a centre stage in your delivery infrastructure? Or is/was it just a short term fix?

This new Hybrid model does introduce its own challenges, the network is the key to a great user experience. In order to be able to react to whatever challenge arises, Citrix Pooled Capacity for ADC might just be the most important solution you can have at your disposal. In the past capacity was tied to specific physical or virtual systems, it worked as there wasn't much need to spin up new DC's that often.

In the DC arena now there are so many options to provision environments to meet changing demands by using cloud from different vendors, it just takes a credit card and you can have something running in a minutes. This provides many more places that customers need to put ADC's than ever before, but how does pooled capacity (in its different formats) fit in the new world?

Come along to our webinar and find out!