Citrix Workspace app LTSR 1912 CU4 Technology Preview for Windows

Release Date: May 3, 2021

Compared to: Citrix Workspace app 1912 LTSR CU3

Issues fixed in this release

Client Devices Issues

  • With the Client COM port redirection policy enabled, attempts to access the Bluetooth device’s COM port might fail. [CVADHELP-14939

Logon/ Authentication

  • Attempts to log on to Citrix Workspace app version 1912 LTSR CU3 for Windows might fail when the user name contains umlaut characters. [CVADHELP-17267]

Security Issues

  • The Control Flow Guard binary protection might be missing from the binaries. [CVADHELP-16531]


  • When using the screen share feature in Microsoft Teams during a peer to peer call, a black screen might appear. [CVADHELP-15605]
  • If the HDX Adaptive Transport policy is set to Preferred and EDT MTU Discovery is enabled, when attempting to launch applications or desktops, a gray or a black screen might appear with a warning message. [CVADHELP-15805]
  • The shortcut created for an application might not delete even after you disable the application or change the path of the shortcut. [[CVADHELP-16448]
  • Attempts to launch applications through Citrix Workspace app for Windows might fail when connecting or disconnecting a VPN connection through the Citrix Gateway. [CVADHELP-16714]
  • When in a double-hop scenario, the endpoint client names might not pass through to a Delivery Controller or Director.  The issue occurs with VDA Version 2003 and higher. [CVADHELP-16783]
  • After upgrading Citrix Workspace app for Windows to version 1912 LTSR CU1 or CU2, session reliability might fail. The issue occurs when the Enlightened Data Transport (EDT) protocol is enabled, and the connection is through Citrix Gateway. [CVADHELP-16694]

User Experience

  • When using Citrix Workspace app Version 1912 LTSR CU2 for Windows, a session might display graphic artifacts that obscure on screen content. [CVADHELP-16451]
  • After upgrading Citrix Receiver version 4.9.6 for Windows to Citrix Workspace app version 1912 LTSR CU2 or CU3, attempting to launch an application shortcut, the shortcut icons might flash on some desktops.  [CVADHELP-16967]

User Interface

  • If you select Log Out when a session is running, the Sign Out prompt appears to confirm with the action. Pressing Cancel will cause an error. [CVADHELP-15516]
  • When you upgrade Citrix Receiver version 4.9 LTSR CU7 for Windows to Citrix Workspace app version CU2 or CU3 for Windows and attempt to set the default store account, inconsistent behavior might occur. For example, the default store account always defaults to All Accounts. With this change, setting the primary store account to a different store name remains even after exiting and restarting Citrix Workspace app. [CVADHELP-16903]

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Support Resources

Citrix Workspace App 19.12.4000 for Windows

May 3, 2021
71.4 MB - (.exe) Download File

Version: 19.12.4000.19

  • SHA-256 - 895603AB969A73E242D38E0D5B7EE9B379F3A6A20D9C972874A29F890679EA8B

Scripts for Deploying Citrix Workspace App for Windows 19.12.4000

May 3, 2021
8 KB - (.zip) Download File

Version: 19.12.4000.19

  • SHA-256 - 420D66C9B39053A39389307AFD9AD7F3044D681E8C9F8ADE6C5A3B6586B942B6

Citrix ADMX/ADML Templates for Group Policy Editor 19.12.4000

May 3, 2021
325 KB - (.zip) Download File

Version: 19.12.4000.19

  • SHA-256 - 2596AFD8BF1CFCA298D535B35D78556EFA244DFAF9D604C3E9F6D5FA6A7E80E4