Malux makes growth easy with Citrix

Based in the heart of Sweden’s High Coast, Malux supplies lighting, communications and electrical equipment for hazardous environments.

Founded in 1972, the company evolved its IT infrastructure over time to become a mixed environment of PCs and thin clients. Outdated hardware made it difficult for employees to access information and be productive outside the office.

Malux wanted to make their business more scalable and mobile, that’s why its CIO Jörgen Norman partnered with Citrix Platinum Solution Advisor AceIQ to develop a more agile infrastructure with Citrix SD-WAN and Workspace.

“Cloud is the best way to make IT competitive and adaptable, but none of the other options we considered had the full portfolio with mobile device management and mobile application management that you get with Endpoint Management. And we liked Virtual Apps. We knew that our applications worked very well in that environment.”

“We can create a new office in hours, not weeks”

When Norman joined the business, IT had become a constraint. “People complained that IT didn’t support the business,” he says. “We are an increasingly international company, but we still had a local approach to technology.”

Delivering an exceptional Office 365 Experience through Citrix SD-WAN

Business agility and scalability are important goals for Malux—both of which they are now realizing with Citrix SD-WAN and Workspace.

“With Citrix SD-WAN for Microsoft Office 365, we can create a new office anywhere in hours, not weeks or months,” Malux CEO Anders Nygren says. “All we need is an internet connection and a laptop.”

With limited capital expenditure required, business risk is reduced and decision-making is accelerated.

In remote offices, Malux noticed 40-50 milliseconds of latency was resulting in slow Office 365 application performance even with direct (but not Office 365 optimized) branch breakout because its traffic was being sent to from Amsterdam to the Microsoft edge site in Helsinki.

Using the Microsoft API and connectivity principles for Office 365, Citrix SD-WAN can identify and optimize trusted Office 365 traffic and direct it to the edge nodes closest to the remote sites. What’s more, its encryption ensures security of the data between the remote sites and the Office 365 cloud while SD-WAN can steer untrusted and other types of traffic back to the data center.

“When we turned on the Citrix SD-WAN for Office 365,” Norman says, “our traffic started going to Amsterdam, latency went to below 10 milliseconds and we noticed significant user experience benefits.”

Mobility for employees, and simplicity for IT

“Being mobile makes Malux very competitive,” Nygren says. “We can employ people from all over the world. We don't really care where our staff are; they can just connect and do their work.”

Mobility makes it easier for people to balance their work and personal lives, too.

“With Citrix Workspace, it’s easy to access your desktop from anywhere, on any device,” Norman explains. “You just log in through the webpage and pick up where you left off. It gives people peace of mind. You're not tied to your desk. You can go and pick up the kids, then log in from home on your child’s iPad to do the last 30 minutes’ work. People really like the simplicity.”

The same simplicity extends to IT management. “The biggest benefit is ease of support,” Norman says. “Whatever device they use, people have one familiar desktop. If there is a problem with hardware, they just log in somewhere else. It has freed so much support time.”

Improved security

Citrix Workspace has improved the security of Malux’s apps and data, too:

“With Endpoint Management, we can control the apps we want our users to have on their phones. We also have a greater protection from cyber-attacks like ransom-ware. We have not had a single incident since we moved to Citrix Cloud. We are confident that users don't have the ability to start any unauthorized application. The device is not an attack surface anymore."

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With Citrix Cloud and Microsoft Office 365, we can create a new office anywhere in hours, not weeks or months. All we need is an internet connection and a laptop.
Anders Nygren
Malux AB

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