What are Citrix SD-WAN and SASE solutions?

Ensure all remote locations and users are connected and secure

Citrix SD-WAN and Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) solutions are designed to ensure a secure, always-on workspace experience for every employee location. With easy-to-deploy options that are simple to use, these solutions are designed to support digital transformation and business innovation amid today’s rapidly changing work environments.

Your business depends on secure, fast access to applications—especially in times of transition. But as more of your apps move to the cloud, and users become more distributed, deploying and managing security at branches is costly and complex to manage. Legacy hardware-based solutions prove inadequate for several reasons: In many instances, backhauling cloud application traffic through the datacenter for security inspection creates latency. In others, VPNs are difficult to scale and lack the granular security needed to protect against zero-day threats. And then there’s one of the biggest causes of complexity: using different service providers to address different issues.

Once you’ve gained greater control over connectivity and comprehensive cloud delivered security for an ever-expanding attack surface, it becomes much easier to ensure consistent, secure and high-performance access to applications.

Citrix SD-WAN and SASE technology ensures an always-on application experience—while protecting against threats and vulnerabilities.

What’s different about Citrix SD-WAN and SASE solutions?

Citrix SD-WAN architecture provides a fast on-ramp to the leading public cloud providers and optimizes delivery of cloud, SaaS and virtual apps using direct internet access. The fully integrated security stack detects, classifies and accelerates more than 4,500 applications to secure traffic, with millisecond failover to ensure consistently fast app performance regardless of network state. With cloud-based, single-pane-of-glass network management, it’s simple to use—no need to configure multiple solutions from different providers.

Citrix SASE technology provides a full cloud-delivered security stack to protect against threats, everywhere, with 100+ global points-of-presence and 10+ threat intelligence engines. Unlike other vendors that offer limited or partially integrated functionality, this ready-to-deploy SASE architecture provides secure, fast access for any user on any device to any application. With built-in SD-WAN and direct peering to thousands of SaaS services, it ensures consistently fast application performance regardless of network availability.

Deliver applications securely and reliably with Citrix SD-WAN and Citrix Secure Internet Access

Optimize your application delivery on a secure, flexible WAN

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Protect employees from the threats and vulnerabilities of unsanctioned apps

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What are Citrix SD-WAN and Citrix Secure Internet Access?

How do they help you establish a secure, high-performing app experience with global reach?

Citrix SD-WAN and Citrix Secure Internet Access allow enterprises to deliver an unparalleled user experience for mission-critical applications while ensuring comprehensive, continual protection across the branch, network and multi-cloud.

Citrix SD-WAN accelerates digital transformation with flexible, secure connectivity for cloud and virtual applications. Automation, policy-based enforcement, zero-touch deployment and intelligent reporting make it easy to quickly roll out new apps and monitor connections to the cloud. Enterprises everywhere use it to ensure bandwidth is fully optimized, and to lower costs by consolidating routing and security branch hardware.

Citrix Secure Internet Access offers comprehensive, cloud-delivered security with airtight SD-WAN integration so you can empower users with the best, most secure experience possible—for any app, anywhere, on any device. This complete security stack—next-generation firewall, Microsoft cloud access security broker and AI-driven forensics are all included—protects every branch, remote and mobile user without the complexities and expense of datacenter-based security.

What can you do with Citrix SD-WAN and SASE solutions?

Thousands of organizations rely on Citrix SD-WAN and Citrix Secure Internet Access to ensure secure, always-on connectivity

Expanding firm scales its network with ease 

See how a mutual insurance company with 2,300 employees and 340 agencies replaced obsolete IT equipment and improved network quality with Citrix SD-WAN.

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The Citrix SD-WAN solution has allowed us to take control of our network, save time and manage our telecoms expenditure, while also increasing our bandwidth. The entire solution is rapid as well as easy to grasp and implement.

Laurent Rognard
Infrastructure and Network Engineer
Groupama RAA

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