What is a Workspace?

A workspace is a technology framework that brings together all the applications, tools and resources to get work done and collaborate securely, personalized for every individual in a digital world. It meets the needs of the modern and evolving workforce by enabling work to get done anywhere on any device - unifying and enhancing app delivery, access control, and security while removing friction and context switching.

A robust workspace is reliable and high performing so that users have a consistent and seamless experience.  It also includes application and data management functions that enable users to work securely.  The goal is to enable flexible work while providing control over corporate data and facilitating regulatory compliance for the company.

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What Characterizes an Effective Workspace?

A successful workspace is one that unifies, secures, and simplifies work 

Unified by bringing together reliable access to applications of all types, including Windows, web, SaaS, and mobile apps, as well as all work resources and workflows across any work channel or location -- in the office, on the road, or at home.

Secure by protecting the data while maximizing user experience. Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) security policies integrate with mobile and endpoint management solutions, protecting data regardless of the device. It includes security features such as single sign-on (SSO), multi-factor authentication, secure browsing, and a zero-trust framework.

Simple by providing an intelligent experience that uses automation to guide and streamline work execution. This empowers employees and teams to be productive and engaged by removing friction and busy work so they can perform at their best.

Here are some features of an effective workspace:

  1. Interconnectivity
    An effective digital workspace includes a strong content collaboration system. By connecting and unifying disparate data repositories, it is easy to find and share content, data and media with other stakeholders.
  2. Simplifies work
    When you remove complexity and disruption and unify work with an intelligent workspace, it creates a more focused environment so people can perform and collaborate at their best. 
  3. Provides a security and governance framework
    A well-defined governance framework is a key part of an effective workspace. This enforces the implementation of security concepts such as the principle of least privilege. A proper governance program arranges different levels of responsibilities according to the stakeholder’s role and the organization’s culture. This ensures everyone has access to the content and connections strictly necessary to do their job. Most workspaces also use established security practices such as two-step authentication and role-based access.
  4. An optimized user experience
    Focused on simplicity and intuitive by design, a digital workspace should match the experience users get with consumer-driven technology. Easy-to-use and personalize, users can get started quickly  and get work done. 

Benefits of Workspaces

Why should you consider implementing a workspace? First, a complete digital workspace can speed up your digital transformation process. It gives users new ways of interacting and working together. The benefits of a workspace are vast, but we have noted a few below:

Increases employee engagement

The better the employee experience, the more engaged employees are in their work. In many companies, employees find their work is stalled by using multiple systems, apps, and devices. Every week, employees spend almost a full day searching for information, logging into multiple systems and devices, and completing repetitive tasks. An intelligent space eliminates these obstacles and distractions, increasing employee engagement.

Provides better security and protection against internal threats

The increasing number of people working remotely is also increasing the risk for compromised accounts. Permissions and privileges can be a tangled mess when dealing with multiple devices in multiple places.

A cloud-based intelligent workspace improves security by offering single sign-on for every app and file across devices. Implementing a single sign-on minimizes the range of exposure. Additionally, a central interface combined with analytics gives IT complete visibility into how data and applications are used in the company so they can manage role-based permissions easily.

Many companies use a VPN to protect their network via a proxy server. VPNs can’t protect companies from internal threats, however. A secure digital workspace offers a VPN alternative by using a zero-trust security approach.

Saves money and improves productivity

A digital workspace uses machine learning to streamline and automate workflows. This saves employees from wasting time on repetitive tasks, such as creating reports. As a result, there is an increase in productivity and a reduction in overhead costs.

Employees can also enjoy more flexible work by personalizing workflows and creating micro solutions to solve specific problems. An intelligent workspace simplifies managing and securing multiple apps and devices for the IT team as well, including remote data management.

The average employee uses 36 apps and cloud services to complete their work, This, combined with the fact that 85% of businesses operate in the cloud, makes for a complex array of applications and processes to keep track of; making it difficult to access the required tools and data quickly to perform a given task.

This also makes it difficult to ensure a seamless experience for employees—something that’s vital for increasing employee engagement. A study by The Economist found that giving easy access to information employees need to do their job is the best way to increase employee engagement.

Ensures business continuity and agility

An effective workspace is one that ensures your company can continue operations even in times of crisis. It enhances communication, collaboration, and work flexibility.

The pandemic is causing workers to go back and forth between working in the office and working from home as lockdowns are enforced, lifted, and enforced again. Employees need to be able to work from anywhere without disruptions in their work. Intelligent digital workspaces make this possible, empowering employees to collaborate without geographic restriction on any device.

Who Benefits from a Workspace?

Workspaces can be helpful for multiple use cases, and their applications grow every day. Below are the most popular uses for workspaces:

  • All workers regardless of location: remote working has increased significantly in 2020 out of necessity. Companies are shifting to digital work environments to operate more efficiently and effectively while ensuring employees are productive when working from remote locations. A workspace offers a single platform where organizations can communicate, manage, and complete tasks, without struggling with different integrations.
  • Companies managing sensitive information: employees working on proprietary technology and sensitive information can assure that information is secure and accessible to relevant team members only. Research teams from different departments or organizations can also work together. These new cross-organizational teams, joined by a common project, benefit from a single working environment that ties common resources together and integrates disparate workflows.
  • Freelancers and contractors: many organizations employ freelancers and contractors for various tasks, some requiring access to company applications and data. Workspaces ensure data security by only allowing access to company information and resources that are necessary for the job.

How Citrix Workspace Can Help

The Citrix Workspace platform abstracts away complexity for customers and incorporates pre-defined integrations with hundreds of the most widely used applications.  It automates workload provisioning, and augments identity and access with contextual security capabilities.  Citrix Workspace includes microapps that streamline functionality from key applications, enabling employees to complete tasks quickly, to get the insights and information they need, and to be more productive.  In addition to providing pre-cofigured microapps, the Citrix Workspace platform allows customers, partners and developers to customize and create their own microapps.

How do we do it? Check out this video to learn  how Citrix Workspace works (2:21).

In summary, what are the benefits of Citrix Workspace?

Improve how people work by unifying content, apps, and data into a unified, personal experience. Increase productivity by automating tasks and streamlining workflows.

Reduce security risk by protecting all applications and data with unified, cloud-delivered SASE and zero-trust models. Single sign-on options and role-based access allows your company to give employees access to what they need securely. Options to store data in a public or private cloud so it doesn’t stay on end-users’ devices.VDI and application virtualization provide ease of application management and security.

Modernize IT with DaaS, workflow automation, and the ability to surface all apps and actions in a modern, consumer-like experience. 

Optimize the user experience by providing a fast, secure, reliable experience for all users.

What can you do with Citrix Workspace?

  • Help employees transition back to the office without disruptions.
  • Help employees who need or choose to continue working from home stay connected to daily operations.
  • Save time and costs with an effective content collaboration solution
  • Increase security by replacing traditional VPNs with a zero-trust security approach.
  • Improve productivity by simplifying IT processes.
  • Move to the cloud without headaches. Citrix digital workspaces allow you to migrate to the cloud in stages and at your own pace.
  • Cut the time it takes to revise and approve assets by 50%, if not more
  • Support employees in hundreds of locations securely
  • Tap into different markets for talent

In a nutshell, Citrix Workspace allows you to meet the needs of employees, increasing productivity and enhancing the user experience.

If you have questions about how you can use Citrix to achieve a seamless working environment, request a call.

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