What’s a microapp?

Citrix Workspace now includes intelligent capabilities such as microapps - small, task-specific applications that deliver highly targeted functionality right to your workspace. Microapps improve speed and productivity by enabling you to complete single-purpose tasks without having to launch applications and navigate their full capabilities.

Join the first of our three-part Technology in Practice (TIPs) series on Citrix Workspace, presented by Citrix Customer Success Architects and Domain Specialists.  Doug Demskis, Principal Architect and Peter Prose, Domain Specialist will: 

  • Introduce and demo microapps
  • Explain their value to users, IT, and the organization
  • Describe the top 10-15 considerations for successful implementation
  • Discuss lessons learned from real-world field engagements 

For example, learn why your Enterprise Application Architect plays a pivotal role in your successful implementation. Also, learn why it’s simpler to build microapps based on cloud applications than traditional on-premises applications. 

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