Simplify your application delivery with holistic visibility

Get actionable insights across multi-cloud environments

Managing delivery of monolithic and microservices-based applications can be challenging. Only Citrix Application Delivery Management provides one-click provisioning and gives you holistic visibility and operational consistency across your on-premises and cloud environments. All the insights you need—from a single pane of glass.

Enable multi-cloud app delivery with Citrix Application Delivery Management

Monitor and manage your application delivery from a single pane of glass

Simplify operations, accelerate troubleshooting, and gain insights

See your entire multi-cloud environment in one holistic view and drill down on specific details of your ADC infrastructure such as application performance, health, and security.

59% of organizations say network management and analytics across cloud and on-premises environments are key initiatives.

Gain holistic insights and accelerate your application delivery.

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 Be at the forefront of technology evolution

Tech company turns automation into innovation

See how Rohde & Schwarz uses automation and role-based dashboards from Citrix Application Delivery Management to save time and resources.

Citrix Application Delivery Management puts us in a position to significantly reduce the manual effort required to manage our infrastructure.

Stephan Zimmermann
Security Architect
Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co.KG

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Learn about the strategy and tools you need to automate configurations, gain actionable insights, and troubleshoot faster.

6 Must-haves for application delivery in multi-cloud environments

Discover how to optimize application delivery with end-to-end visibility

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With Citrix Application Delivery Management, we have a streamlined way of handling auto-scaling in AWS that is supported by Citrix, so now we can focus on applications instead of infrastructure.

Simon Gottschlag
Senior Consultant and DevOps Team Leader
Xenit AB

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