Citrix responds to COVID-19

Secure, remote work has always been a core value proposition Citrix provides to customers.  This capability has never been more relevant than it is today. Our solutions enable business continuity and the ability for employees to securely work from home as we collectively support the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

While our customer base is broad and diversified, we provide our solutions to a number of frontline industries – like hospitals, labs, federal and local government agencies, and the food supply chain. We are proud to be part of the solution that enables the great work so many of our customers are doing in this time of global crisis.

We have committed $17 million to help our employees and communities through this difficult time.

For our customers and partners

We provided solutions with flexible terms to help our customers manage through this period by creating shorter (up to 1-year) duration on-premises term subscription licenses at discounted prices. This limited-use license program was intended to help our customers manage through the shock to the system created by the pandemic.  We will continue to monitor the needs of our customers to determine the best ways in which Citrix can help.

For our communities

We have increased funding for corporate citizenship directed donations and created a relief recovery fund for the COVID-19 outbreak, doubled our charitable match for employee donations, continued to pay vendors no longer providing on-site services, and set up virtual volunteering opportunities. Additionally, we have committed to continue to pay all of our contingent workforce through the end of May.

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For our employees

In March 2020, we directed our global workforce to work from home and severely limited all international and domestic travel. We have extended our paid time-off and sick leave benefits for employees directly impacted by COVID-19 or caring for children or a member of their household impacted by COVID-19. We provided $1,000 per employee below the Vice President level to cover equipment related to transitioning to a work from home situation, help support local restaurants and small businesses or charities, or other potential hardship that this can help to offset. We also offer local employee assistance program resources if needed.

How Citrix is helping customers in times of crisis

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