The need for a new IT security architecture

A global study from Citrix and The Ponemon Institute

Cyber-attacks happen by the minute—and in our industry on the whole, they’re not being handled adequately. To get a better view of why that is, Citrix teamed up with the Ponemon Institute to find out what’s holding up businesses from appropriately addressing security issues. Here’s what we found and how businesses can take smarter steps to protect their most sensitive information—even while threats are on the rise.

Part 3: Compliance challenges & security effectiveness in the workplace

The report reveals:

  • Trends in security effectiveness in the workplace
  • Concerns about compliance with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)
  • The risk of generational differences in the workplace

Part 2: The risk of outdated technologies

The report reveals:

  • What’s top of mind when designing a new IT security framework
  • The top things that make organizations vulnerable
  • How outdated security technologies put businesses at risk

Part 1: The need for a new IT security architecture

The report reveals:

  • Global trends in IT security
  • Security risks you need to know about
  • Tackling cyber-crime, disruptive technologies and organizational factors

69 percent of respondents believe some of their organizations existing security solutions are outdated and inadequate.

IT and IT security practitioners surveyed in 14 countries

Next steps

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