Webinar Event Flexible Integration with Microapp Scripting The scheduler gets delayed today but should be coming your way soon.
Nov 11 2021
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Nov 11, 2021
6:00 PM CET

Microapps allows you to easily integrate Citrix Workspace’s activity feed with systems of record such as common SaaS applications and well-behaved RESTful APIs, without the need to write any code. But what if your system of record is an uncommon SaaS application, a badly-behaved RESTful API, or an API endpoint that is not RESTful at all?

The microapps scripting feature allows you to call almost any remote API via HTTP, transform its response via JavaScript, and allow your end users to easily access the data. JSON? No problem! XML? The xml2js module makes it easy! Binary data? Roll up your sleeves and get busy with typed arrays!

You’ll learn how to get started with microapps scripting. Join Pat Patterson, Citrix Director of Developer Evangelism, and discover the basics of configuring a scripted integration, calling an API from JavaScript, and saving data in the microapps cache. You’ll see how to synchronize the cache with your system of record and implement a service action to collect data from the user and write it back to the system of record. Expect hands-on coding and configuration rather than death by PowerPoint.