To fight against the epidemic, the Management Services Department is taking action for work-from-home

In the face of the COVID-19 epidemic, FAW-Volkswagen responds quickly and implements an alignment between the Government and the Group in a timely manner. To ensure the safety of employees and avoid people congregating, the company requires all employees to telecommute, thus guaranteeing work efficiency while sparing no efforts in fighting against the epidemic.

With the sharp increase in numbers to 14000, how do you satisfy the telecommuting and teleconferencing demands of the people? Men Xin, director of the Management Services Department, instructs the IT Infrastructure Section to take responsibility and give full credence to the technical advantages -- to think outside the box. By quickly deploying and optimizing the telecommuting system using a foundation of existing software and hardware resources, the IT Infrastructure Section Team in the Management Services Department has put forward a scheme that combines a virtual desktop + a Skype conferencing platform to meet the demands for telecommuting, audio and video conferences.

Stay-at-home office: remote desktop system

The Citrix remote desktop system helps employees in Changchun easily use the IE intranet browser, SAP R3 system, MSTSC and other important office software by logging in to the browser with the Domain Account during this critical period of epidemic prevention. The increasing number of visits and the time window of only three days for deployment, launch and maintenance posed challenges in many areas, such as system support capacity, personnel allocation, implementation conditions, and stress on operation and maintenance. Relying on their exquisite expertise and rich project experience, the Terminal Team in the IT Infrastructure Section discussed the solution overnight, clarified the priorities and details, and broke through the technical obstacles in software and hardware. Finally, they confirmed the scheme on the night of January 30. On February 1, the system platform deployment was completed, tested and optimized. On February 2, the system passed all tests and officially launched in advance. As of February 6, the peak number of concurrent users of the system reaches 2229, and the total cumulative quantity of users served reaches about 8000.

“Go-live” isn’t the end. Addressing users’ questions and finishing the operation and maintenance of the system also is essential to give the system full play. Unfamiliarity with the system makes many new users raise different questions. The team has prepared a bilingual user manual in both Chinese and English. The Terminal Team in the IT Infrastructure Section also answers the user's questions one by one via WeChat, telephone and email -- even during breaks or lunchtime. On average, one person can deal with more than 40 requests for maintenance per day. As users gradually get to know the system, they understand the operating process better and raise fewer questions. Work efficiency improves accordingly. As the original hardware resources add more user demands, the terminal team keeps monitoring the performance indexes of the system, intervenes in a timely fashion, and deals with anomalies to ensure smooth system operation and a good user experience.

Hold a meeting anywhere and anytime: Skype conferencing tool

As instant messaging software, Skype allows access via various network models, such as public and home WIFI, 4G, etc. It can be loaded on various mobile devices such as mobile phones, laptops and iPads. It also supports video and voice conferences and provides telecommuting services such as meeting documents sharing, text communications, etc. To meet employees' demands for holding video and voice conferences anywhere and at any time, the IT Infrastructure Section’s Network Team responds promptly: On January 30, they checked the health of the whole system and cleared the histories and waste data to unburden the server to make the system go live. On January 31, all health checks for the system were finished. On February 1, the team updated the Skype background management platform, urgently launched the management monitoring tool, kept real-time monitoring of users’ status and system resource conditions, and provided background support capability. Through a series of technical means, the network team strengthened the reliability and stability of Skype conferencing platform, thus securing telecommuting for employees. From February 3 to 6, the team helped more than 800 newly registered concurrent users; the total number of users online everyday remains at 3000 on average; and the maximum number of concurrent sessions often reaches 270.

The Management Services Department forges ahead in fighting against the epidemic and ensuring smooth telecommuting. With the January 30 confirmation of the technical scheme, the Management Services Department accomplished the transformation and upgrade of two core telecommuting systems: the first was the Citrix remote desktop and Skype conferencing platform, which was completed in three days. It supports the company's daily work and management in an efficient and effective way. The team  took the initiative to compile a bilingual user manual in both Chinese and English, and formed a group to give detailed answers to all kinds questions using email, WeChat and QQ, while providing one to one service, easy-to-use tools and detailed answers for employees. This kind of good experience also makes the employees feel confident and comfortable during the work-from-home period. Employees say, "It really feels good we can work from home!"

In the battle against COVID-19, the whole company works closely together, faces up to the challenges and accelerates the pace of innovation. This epitomizes the way every staff member of FAW-Volkswagen carries out work in an orderly manner. We are bound to win the battle in the end and finish our goal of "Transform for 2020!”

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