Provide secure access to internal apps with a zero trust approach

Meet the needs of your distributed workforce with a VPN alternative

Not long ago, network security was still relatively simple: Build a secure perimeter around resources and protect what's inside. Then apps moved to the cloud, employees began to rely on unmanaged and BYO devices, and your attack surface expanded. As a result, today’s organizations need a better way to protect corporate data—one that allows you to monitor access to apps no matter where they’re deployed. That’s where zero trust security comes in. This VPN alternative offers an easier and more secure way to authorize access to IT sanctioned applications.

Executive summary

  • Traditional VPN solutions lack the modern security features needed to protect data in the era of remote and hybrid work.
  • By providing access at the application layer, Citrix Secure Private Access reduces your attack surface with zero trust security.
  • This VPN alternative automatically adapts access based on real-time activities, without compromising the user experience

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Business outcomes

Reduce your attack surface

As remote work continues to rise, so does the number of exposed VPN services1. Which is a concern, since traditional VPNs not only connect unmanaged devices to on-premises resources but also make trust implicit once network access is granted. The result is open connections, compromised assets, and an increased risk of network-level attacks. And as user traffic goes through your corporate network, any number of the 100,000 daily malicious web-borne threats2 could be free to roam. With zero trust network access (ZTNA), it’s easy to overcome these challenges. By providing access at the application layer, Citrix Secure Private Access securely delivers apps and data to your users—without exposing your assets to external discovery.

Enable secure BYO

On the one hand, distributed workers want to choose which devices they use. At the same time, IT needs to ensure corporate data remains secure—a particularly difficult challenge when more than 70% of IT executives say BYO devices are a top cause of security risks3. Citrix overcomes this issue with adaptive authentication and access. Unlike traditional VPNs, which require constant device management, Citrix Secure Private Access lets you automatically adjust access based on where and how apps are used. Employees can securely navigate apps within Citrix Secure Browser, while additional options can be used to scramble keystrokes and protect against screenshot malware. Remote users remain productive—and IT stays in control.

Improve the user experience

When it comes to the digital workspace experience, traditional VPN technologies again fall short. Because they backhaul application traffic to the data center and clog the underlying network, these solutions can’t optimize app access in ways that help support productivity. And by routing both business and personal traffic through corporate IT, they can get in the way of employee privacy. A better option is zero trust network access (ZTNA), that can be easily adapted based on individual user activity and device posture. This end-to-end contextual access ensures a superior employee experience without exposing your organization to unnecessary risk or creating privacy issues.

Extend security benefits to Citrix Gateway

Whether used on its own or integrated with Citrix Gateway, Citrix Secure Private Access provides access to all the apps and data your employees need—securely and reliably. Citrix Gateway customers can seamlessly integrate with Citrix Secure Private Access and start using our Workspace experience—unifying access to virtual apps and desktops, internal web apps, and SaaS apps—with the same granular security policies. For customers who have deployed Citrix Gateway for clientless VPN or SSO use cases, Citrix Secure Private Access provides additional security benefits.

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