Replace traditional VPNs with a zero trust approach

Meet the needs of your remote workforce with a VPN alternative

Not long ago, network security was still relatively simple: Build a secure perimeter around resources and protect what’s inside. Then apps moved to the cloud, remote work became a necessity and employees began using personal devices for work. Your attack surface expanded—a lot. Today most enterprises are looking to adopt a zero trust security strategy by replacing traditional VPN. Traditional VPN solutions no longer apply in a world where resources can be accessed from both managed, unmanaged and BYO devices. You need a better way to protect corporate data—one that matches current complexities of the modern work environment. That’s where a strong VPN alternative comes in.

Reduce your attack surface

As remote work continues to rise, so does the need for zero trust network access. Three in 10 employees will continue to work from home even in times of stability1, and they’ll need secure access to resources—including SaaS and web-based apps—from new locations and different devices. Companies that fail to quickly replace traditional VPNs in the midst of these modern complexities face some serious security risks. By over-simplifying authentication and putting blind trust in users once network access is granted, these outdated solutions will continue to put your corporate data centers and underlying networks in a vulnerable position. Thankfully, there is a fast and flexible alternative. Citrix Secure Workspace Access securely delivers apps and data to your users and provides access at application layer. Anywhere, on any device, without the need for a VPN solution.

Enable BYO with proper security controls

Traditional VPNs require constant device management—which is not practical in today’s new working conditions. Employees working remotely want to choose the device they prefer to keep them productive. On the other hand, IT wants to ensure that corporate data is not compromised. Citrix Secure Workspace Access offers security controls that allow employees to use unmanaged and BYO devices to access applications and data securely—keeping IT in control and end users productive.

Improve the user experience

When it comes to the employee experience, traditional VPNs fall short. These solutions aren’t able to optimize apps or backhaul application traffic to the data center—unnecessarily clogging the underlying network and stunting productivity. And because they route both business and personal traffic through corporate IT, VPNs can also get in the way of employee privacy. A better option is the VPN alternative that provides seamless single sign-on (SSO) access for a consistent experience across operating systems. As the simplest, most secure cloud-based digital workspace available today, Citrix Workspace provides a superior employee experience—without exposing your organization to unnecessary risk or creating privacy issues.

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