Ensure consistent experience on a network that won’t let you down

Drive productivity with an always-on network

More than half of companies have begun digital transformation projects1, but 70% will fall short of their goals2. The reason? Poor application performance. An under-performing network threatens not only productivity, but also relationships with customers and partners. As you move critical apps to the cloud, your sites need a reliable network to provide access to these apps from an SD-WAN solution that optimizes virtual, cloud, and SaaS app performance to deliver an always-on workspace experience.

Maximize performance for any app

Enterprises can rely on more than 1,000 applications3, and many of them are moving to the cloud or delivered natively as SaaS. To ensure these apps perform as employees expect, you need always-on network connectivity that enables great app performance. Citrix SD-WAN offers a built-in application control engine to identify and optimize more than 4,500 applications and automatically adapts to network conditions to give your employees the app performance they need to be productive.

Ensure the best experience for virtual apps and desktops

Every moment, your WAN conditions are changing. If you can’t detect shifting network conditions like latency, packet loss, and jitter, your SaaS apps won’t deliver the experience your employees need to stay productive. Citrix SD-WAN lets you monitor virtual session quality by computing a Quality-of-Experience (QoE) metric. When issues occur, Citrix SD-WAN intelligently reroutes traffic at the packet level to ensure great QoE for your users.

Direct connection to the cloud

Across your branches, employees perform essential tasks in customer-facing and point-of-sale positions. Citrix SD-WAN connects your branch users directly to their workloads in the cloud, including Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops service, without going through security proxies that can add latency. It also optimizes network traffic to ensure Quality of Service (QoS) for critical app traffic even within a virtual session, with reporting down to the individual user level. So your employees can work faster and more effectively no matter where they are.

Optimize Microsoft Office 365 and Teams

With more than 180 million monthly active users4, Microsoft Office 365 is a critical SaaS app for most enterprises. But as branch and remote employees rely more on Office 365, your network may not be architected to provide the best experience. This is why Citrix SD-WAN is independently tested and proven to optimize trusted Office 365 traffic. It optimizes network connectivity from your branches to direct traffic to the nearest Office 365 front doors. And with HDX optimization of Microsoft Teams, Citrix SD-WAN enhances the multimedia collaboration experience and enables quick, easy deployment at scale.

Shrug off disruption with a seamless experience

Whether the cause is a natural disaster or a minor outage, downtime is disruptive and costly. When link conditions degrade or go out, Citrix SD-WAN enables you to maintain business continuity by automatically redirecting traffic to the best available link in milliseconds and deliver a seamless, always-on workspace experience. And when shifts in work patterns, like an increase in remote workers, result in the need for more bandwidth, Citrix SD-WAN allows you to rapidly scale up bandwidth and provides prioritization of critical communications and other traffic. 

The business case for SD-WAN

You’re supporting more remote and branch workers than ever before. Find out how adopting SD-WAN can give those workers a secure, high-performance experience.

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