Keep your apps up and running no matter what

Maintain business-critical services always, even during a global crisis

You depend on applications so your customers can transact with you and your remote workforce can be productive. That’s why it’s vital for IT to respond quickly to planned or unplanned application disruptions. This requires an application delivery infrastructure that can quickly adapt to meet increased demand and keep applications running optimally at all times. Only Citrix uses a single code base and single pane of glass across its entire ADC portfolio, giving you operational consistency and holistic visibility across your entire multi-cloud environment. So you can respond fast to service issues—even during a crisis.

Ensure application availability during disruptions

Whether it’s an unforeseen disaster or simple human error, disruptions to your applications are inevitable. Your application delivery infrastructure must be able to prevent disruptions to your apps and application servers, ADCs and data centers, network and internet, and private cloud. Citrix ADC provides a comprehensive application delivery solution, including advanced load balancing capabilities that seamlessly distribute traffic to available servers to keep your applications available. The result? Your applications continue to function as your customers and remote workforce expect despite disruptions.

Meet sudden application demand

51% of outages are avoidable1 if you have an elastic IT infrastructure that can scale resources to meet sudden application demand from customers and remote workers. When network traffic increases due to a rise in application demand, Citrix ADC auto-scales your resources by automatically provisioning licensed and configured instances. Once demand subsides, it automatically removes the unneeded capacity to control costs.

Troubleshoot and fix issues quickly

You can’t fix what you can’t see—and when you run workloads across public clouds or in hybrid cloud environments, finding the root cause of a service disruption can be tricky. Citrix ADC with Citrix Application Delivery Management provides holistic visibility and analytics across all your applications, environments, and ADCs without the need to manage multiple solutions. With this single pane of glass, you can quickly identify issues before they affect application availability or performance.

Respond to outages before they impact customers

The faster you respond to a disruption, the faster you can recover and restore stability to your operations and prevent unhappy customers. To accomplish this, you need to remediate application and infrastructure issues quickly, and—if necessary—shift critical workloads to a new environment. By automating deployments with Citrix Application Delivery Management, you can push configuration changes across your entire Citrix ADC fleet with just a few clicks to quickly get your applications up and running again.

Keep your applications and APIs secure

Web applications are the top attack vector for bad actors2 who step up the pace during times of crisis. To protect all your monolithic and microservices-based applications and APIs, you need a comprehensive application delivery solution with built-in security. Citrix ADC gives you comprehensive, proven, and layered security including a web application firewall, bot management, and API protection—all with the simplicity of a single license.

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