Citrix + Fujitsu: The importance of employee well-being in the future of work

There is a growing importance of employee well-being in the workplace. The focus has expanded beyond physical well-being to additionally include a focus on mental well-being. A better digital experience has become increasingly relevant as more and more employees are working remotely. Citrix and Fujitsu are partnering to develop solutions to detect, monitor, and react to employee well-being and reduce stress in the workplace.

Watch the video to learn:

  • How ways of working are contributing to increased employee stress
  • The link between well-being and diversity and inclusion in attracting and retaining talent
  • The future of well-being in the workplace

See how Citrix and Fujitsu are supporting employee well-being

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We’re particularly interested in working with Citrix to take [our well-being portfolio] and work with us to get some feedback and refine it and make sure we develop some really useful capabilities that are going to help manage well-being in the workplace as it becomes a priority for our clients.

Marc Curtis
Head of Digital Workplace Innovation

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