Technology in Practice Webinar Series

Get to know Citrix Cloud Analytics & Access Control

Migrating to Citrix Cloud to deliver digital workspaces can help your organization simplify IT administration, increase scalability, and cut costs. But that’s not all.

Citrix Cloud also features two value-added services – Analytics and Access Control – which can help you strengthen security and increase user experience options.

  • Citrix Analytics:  Lets you monitor and identify inconsistent or suspicious activity on your networks. Collects data across the Citrix portfolio and employs machine learning and algorithms to provide insights into user behavior.
  • Citrix Access Control: Adds a new set of experience options to Citrix Workspace so users can easily and securely connect to applications and data. Enables administrators to provide a cohesive experience integrating SSO, remote access, and content inspection.

If you’re curious about these two cloud-hosted services, be sure to attend our upcoming webinar. A Citrix Consulting Enterprise Architect and a Principal Sales Engineer will jointly discuss and demo key features of Analytics and Access Control. They will also present practical guidance based on lessons learned in the field.

Key topics included:

  • How shifting Citrix infrastructure management to the cloud unlocks new features and functionality
  • Easy enablement of Analytics and Access Control – and how to try them for free
  • How Citrix Workspace will transition to be the new portal to apps, desktops, and data


  • Brendan Lin Citrix Consulting Enterprise Architect
  • Josh Fleming, Principal Sales Engineer

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