Citrix Workspace: A better alternative than Zscaler Private Access

Remote access is constantly evolving. Changes in the IT landscape - especially the need to stand up environments that support large user populations for remote work - have impacted what remote access solutions work well and which ones leave security and functionality gaps open. VPNs are meant for IT admins; the VPN-style super access should not
be given to all your users. There are a host of reasons to choose the Citrix Workspace over Zscaler PrivateAccess or traditional VPNs. Not only does it address the issues you may have with security, agility, scalability and manageability, but also, some of the other things it offers are:

  • Simple management, deployment and configuration and maintenance
  • Airgap between an unmanaged unsecure device and the enterprise resources from Internet as well as Intranet
  • Rich in band data exfiltration controls
  • Contextual end user experience with SSO and delivery optimization
  • Visibility to network traffic as well as applications and file sessions

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