SD-WAN best practices for security by the Tolly Group

Understanding the trade-offs between security and performance will help you determine where to host your security functions for branch office traffic. In a new report from the Tolly Group, you’ll get a comprehensive review of the trade-offs, considerations, and questions that drive SD-WAN decision making. For example, did you know that security may introduce unwanted latency and congestion? Or, is it better to centralize a security stack in the data center or as a cloud service?

Every IT environment is unique. Download the new report to see what network and cloud security considerations apply to your business.

In the SD-WAN best practices for security report, you’ll also learn about:

  • Security deployment choices.
  • Management and data plane protection strategies.
  • The differences in basic and advanced perimeter security.
  • Security options to consider when looking at SD-WAN vendors.

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