Citrix Workspace app 2202 for Windows Technology Preview

Release Date: Jan 21, 2022

Citrix Workspace app 2202 for Windows

Jan 21, 2022
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Version: (2202)

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Note: This is an Early Access Build shared for the purpose of testing/validation with the intent to make organizations ready for the upcoming release and is NOT advised to be deployed in production environments.

What's New in 2202

This release addresses issues that help to improve overall performance and stability.

Storebrowse support for Workspace

Starting from Citrix Workspace app 2202 for Windows, Citrix Workspace app for Windows provides Storebrowse support to Self Service. This enables Storebrowse users to access Cloud and Workspace features.


Command usage:

The following section provides detailed information about the commands that you can use from Storebrowse utility.


This feature also supports other self-service plugin commands as mentioned in the CTX200337

Support Resources

Compatibility Mode Command Line Example Description
Storebrowse –A SelfService.exe storebrowse -a "store0" "" Adds a store via command line. This command doesn’t show the Authentication prompt where SSO is enabled. For example, AAD domain join devices where authentication happens through webview. On other devices, Authentication prompt appears.
Storebrowse -D SelfService.exe storebrowse -d "store0" This command deletes the account for the self service
Storebrowse –E SelfService.exe storebrowse -e
Exports the resource details in JSON format. This command displays Authentication prompt if the user has not authenticated.
Storebrowse –Q SelfService.exe storebrowse -q "Excel 2016" Launches the specified resource.
Storebrowse -L SelfService.exe storebrowse "-l" "-s" "store-12345"
"-ID" "store-12345@@Farm1.Test" "-ica"
" "-cmdline
Saves the ICA file in local app data.
  Note: To store the ICA file in a required location, run,


SelfService.exe storebrowse "-l" "-s" "store-12345" "-ID" "store-12345@@Farm1.Test" "-ica" "https://Servername/Citrix/Store/resources/v2/
RmFybTEuREcgVGVzdCBTY2htaXRCRTMi0z/launch/ica " "-f " "C:\temp" "-cmdline


storebrowse -S SelfService.exe storebrowse -s "Excel 2016" "store0" "
Adds the store and launches the resource.
storebrowse –liststore SelfService.exe storebrowse -liststore


Note: This command exports the list of stores to %localappadta%/citrix


SelfService.exe Storebrowse -liststore “-f” "c:\temp"


Note: This command exports the list of stores to the specified location.


Lists the stores that are added inside SSP.




Citrix Workspace Browser

  • This release of the Workspace Browser is based on Chromium version 97.
  • As part of the branding update, the browser is renamed as Citrix Workspace Browser in the UI and system files.
  • View Workspace browser version details
    You can now view the Workspace browser details by entering the following URL in the address bar:

For more information on the Citrix Workspace Browser, see Citrix Workspace Browser documentation.


Citrix Workspace 2202 for Windows requires following changes in the system requirement:

  • Minimum .NET version required is 4.8  
  • Minimum VCRedist version required is 14.30.30704.0

Fixed issues in 2202

Installing, Uninstalling, Upgrading

  • When you upgrade Citrix Workspace app for Windows from Version CU4 to Version CU5 without installing self-service, the following prompt might appear:

    Upgrading from Unsupported Version

    Citrix Workspace will automatically uninstall your old version and delete all your settings, which you can restore later. Otherwise you will have to delete everything manually. Click OK to continue.
  • Starting an application using a shortcut might fail if you have upgraded from Citrix Receiver for Windows to Citrix Workspace app 1912 LTSR for Windows. The following error message might appear:
    Your apps are not available at this time. Please try again in a few minutes or contact your help desk with this information: cannot contact store.


  • The Print Screen key might not capture screenshots when Citrix Workspace app for Windows with App Protection enabled starts in the background. [RFWIN-25835]
  • Starting a published application through a PNAgent site on StoreFront using Citrix Workspace app for Windows might fail with the following error message:

    Cannot start app. Please contact your help desk.
  • Launching sessions from Delivery Groups with an access policy rule specifying the client IP address might fail if the client has multiple NICs.
    Rule: Set-BrokerAccessPolicyRule -Name <rulename> -includedClientIPs <Client ip address>
  • Shortcuts for published applications through Citrix Workspace app cannot be created without appropriate permissions. As a result, the icons might be downloaded in the user profile at every refresh, increasing the cache size on the endpoints and the CPU consumption in the StoreFront side. [CVADHELP-18609]

Known issues in 2202

  • Fresh install or update operation of Citrix Workspace app might result in delay for about 10-30 mins. For more information, see Citrix Knowledge Center article CTX335639. [RFWIN-25752]

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