Citrix Workspace app for Windows LTSR 1912 CU6 Technology Preview

Release Date: Dec 1, 2021

Early Access Release


  • This early access release is provided for evaluation and test purposes only. Do not deploy this release in a production environment. 
  • Citrix does not represent that all fixes in this early access release will be included in the upcoming general availability release.
  • The documentation of the issues fixed in this early access release is provided as is. Parts of the documentation have not yet been verified.

What’s new

Microsoft Teams enhancement

When Desktop Viewer is in full screen mode, the user can select one from all screens covered by Desktop Viewer to share. In window mode, the user can share the Desktop Viewer window. In seamless mode, the user can select one from all screens to share. When Desktop Viewer changes the window mode (maximized, restore, or minimize), the screen share stops.

Known issues in this release

  • When you share your screen in Microsoft Teams, as a published app, the red border at the bottom of the shared screen does not appear. [LCMRFWIN-4194]

Issues fixed in this release

Client Device Issues

  • In a Citrix Workspace app session, starting a YouTube video or a Microsoft Teams call and then disconnecting the headset might make the session unresponsive. [CVADHELP-17629]

Installing, Uninstalling, Upgrading

  • When you upgrade Citrix Workspace app for Windows from Version CU4 to Version CU5 without installing self-service, the following prompt might appear:

Upgrading from Unsupported Version

Citrix Workspace will automatically uninstall your old version and delete all your settings, which you can restore later. Otherwise you will have to delete everything manually. Click OK to continue.



  • Logon to Citrix Gateway using an incorrect password lets Storebrowse make multiple authentication attempts that might lock out the user account. [CVADHELP-17467]
  • Citrix Workspace app authentication might fail after initialization when attempted using a smart card through Citrix Gateway. If you refresh the authentication process after 15 minutes, a 404-error message might appear in the embedded browser within Citrix Workspace. This results in the app being stuck in the authentication loop until you close and reopen the app. [CVADHELP-18305]


  • Opening a published application using folder redirection when the folder redirection share is offline, might fail with the following error message.

Unable to launch application


  • When attempting to open an application using the shortcut with the Limit to one instance per user and vPrefer options enabled, a connection failure error might appear on the Citrix Director. [CVADHELP-17372]
  • During a conference call, when using Microsoft Teams in HDX optimized mode, the video portion of incoming calls might flicker. [CVADHELP-17398]
  • Citrix Workspace app might poll external beacons for internal stores. With this fix, external beacons are not polled when the store is used without the gateway. [CVADHELP-18275]
  • Shortcuts for published applications through Citrix Workspace app cannot be created without appropriate permissions. As a result, the icons might be downloaded in the user profile at every refresh, increasing the cache size on the endpoints and the CPU consumption in the StoreFront side. [CVADHELP-18609]
  • An optimized Microsoft Teams peer-to-peer call made from Citrix Workspace app for Mac to Citrix Workspace app for Windows might disconnect. [CVADHELP-18696]
  • Launching sessions from Delivery Groups with an access policy rule specifying the client IP address might fail if the client has multiple NICs. 

Rule: Set-BrokerAccessPolicyRule -Name <rulename> -includedClientIPs <Client ip address>


System Exceptions

  • Citrix Authentication Manager (AuthManSvr.exe) might exit unexpectedly during logon. [CVADHELP-17233]

User Experience

  • When you open a desktop window in windowed mode in a multi-monitor environment, the following behavior might be observed.

The window opened on monitor 1 and dragged to monitor 2 might appear maximized on monitor 1 instead of on monitor 2.


User Interface

  • With this fix, you can switch to the required account when multiple accounts and the current account registry are configured.  [CVADHELP-17718]
  • Configuring an enabled and a disabled store together using a Group Policy Object might result in a non X1 or a green bubble user interface instead of an X1 user interface for the first time on the enabled store. [CVADHELP-17942]
  • Disabling the store account in Citrix Workspace app might not delete app shortcuts from the Start menu or the desktop. [CVADHELP-18260]

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Support Resources

Citrix Workspace App 19.12.6000 for Windows

Dec 1, 2021
75.4 MB - (.exe) Download File

Version: 19.12.6000.9

  • SHA-256 - c5abca7edb8076410151914e36f583f75bfca9d8f2b7798f84aa6ac4457f9b4f

Scripts for Deploying Citrix Workspace App for Windows 19.12.6000

Dec 1, 2021
8 KB - (.zip) Download File

Version: 19.12.6000.9

  • SHA-256 - ff9f27b2b0f9197b9f66889bd398fbcffaf9615fddb0093ed5317866563ebb04

Citrix ADMX/ADML Templates for Group Policy Editor 19.12.6000

Dec 1, 2021
326 KB - (.zip) Download File

Version: 19.12.6000.9

  • SHA-256 - 89393ec20f3f92ba1fc0b4f7136cd9e6c8c9e01f1ae4f839626502ac4537843f