Montefiore rolls out electronic medical records – in a heartbeat

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Every organization wants to get its workers the apps they need to do their jobs quickly and securely. But for hospitals, where people’s health is in the balance, that task is even more crucial. And for Montefiore Health System, a network of hospitals based in the Bronx – and one of New York state’s 50 largest employers – it was no small challenge.

To adapt to new regulations, Montefiore had to roll out EPIC, an electronic medical records (EMR) application, to their entire workforce. They also had to accommodate a small city’s worth of new users – the staff had grown from 18,000 to 28,000 in just three years. And they had to do it with no disruption in patient care.

Montefiore’s IT team turned to Citrix, whose solution has helped them deliver EPIC to 10,000 devices and counting. Now, their workers have secure remote access to a host of other apps, with IT managing them all from one place. And the hospital has saved millions of dollars in hardware, storage, and manpower.

A staggering feat

“Going live with the EPIC system within a year would have been a difficult task,” says Andy Lin, senior IT manager. But with the Citrix solution, Montefiore was able to roll out the EPIC system and hundreds of standard apps to thousands of users in less than 12 months — a “staggering feat” according to Corey Cush, senior director of technology services.

“It wasn’t just the EPIC system,” says Cush. “It was the devices that support it - the scanners, the printers, the medical devices that tie back into the EMR. I’m still pretty amazed at how quickly we were able to do this.”

With XenApp and XenDesktop1, Montefiore can deliver the EPIC system and other programs quickly and securely to thousands of users at once. And Provisioning Services lets them manage it all from one control panel.

“[We] can easily stream whatever changes or patches we need,” says Lin. “Citrix also allows us to roll back to previous images with a single click. That kind of benefit is just overwhelming.”

Employees access apps remotely; IT makes it all run smoothly

Their patients need medical care around the clock, but Montefiore’s clinicians can’t be in the hospital at all hours. So thousands of the hospital’s employees use Receiver2  and NetScaler3  to securely access clinical applications from their homes, hotels, and other remote locations.

That includes doctors who need to look up patients’ test results while on vacation, or administrators who can’t make it in because of bad weather. Whatever’s going on, the Citrix solution helps make sure that everyone has secure access to the hospital’s network at all times.

To see how many users are on the network at a given time, and how much bandwidth they’re taking up, Montefiore’s IT team uses HDX Insight4 .

It lets them triage network glitches in real time, and monitor developing issues. “With this information at our fingertips,” says Lin, “we can easily troubleshoot latency and performance information to improve our patient care.” It also helps them plan more accurately for their future network capacity.

Doing more with less

By replacing desktop computers with thin clients, and by letting IT manage everything in the data center, Citrix has helped Montefiore save more than $5 million in hardware and $2 million in storage.

“If we didn’t have Citrix in place,” says Corey Cush, senior director of technology service, “we would probably have doubled the time to implementation.”


1 100 million users around the world rely on XenApp and XenDesktop to access apps and server desktops from any device, over any network. Apps and desktops are stored in the data center to protect sensitive data.
Find out more about XenApp and XenDesktop.

2Receiver provides self-service access to apps, desktops, and data from any device. Find out more about Receiver.

3NetScaler scales network performance up to 10 times without new hardware, consolidates network appliances up to 115:1, and scales out with clustering that can handle more than 5 Tbps through a single virtual IP. 

4HDX Insight collects and correlates useful network usage and performance data for XenDesktop and XenApp, giving you unprecedented visibility into the ICA traffic on your network. Find out more about HDX Insight.

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[We] can easily stream whatever changes or patches we need. Citrix also allows us to roll back to previous images with a single click. That kind of benefit is just overwhelming.
- Andy Lin

Senior IT Manager

Montefiore Health System


The Solution  

  • XenApp and XenDesktop let IT deliver apps simply and securely.
  • Provisioning Services lets IT manage it all from one dashboard.
  • HDX Insight gives end-to-end visibility so IT can troubleshoot issues more efficiently and better plan for future needs.
  • NetScaler and Receiver let employees use apps securely anytime, anywhere, on any device.