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Citrix is guided by our core values of integrity, respect, curiosity, courage and unity. These values are what we live each and every day. They fuel our corporate purpose and drive our leadership. They are, quite simply, what makes us tick.

A message from our CEO

We’re excited to welcome you to our sustainability report. Sustainability is built into our business and culture, and we are committed to improving the level of transparency we provide in this critically important area. Our technology helps people and businesses improve their energy efficiency, contributing to the preservation of natural resources. Our solutions enable customers to provide flexibility to their employees that can reduce carbon emissions, expand their ability to recruit and retain diverse talent, and ultimately benefit their longer-term financial performance.

At Citrix, we aim to power a world where people, organizations, and things are securely connected and accessible to make the extraordinary possible. We help customers reimagine the future of work by providing the most comprehensive secure digital workspace that unifies the apps, data and services people need to be productive. We simplify IT’s ability to adopt and manage complex cloud environments and make the end user’s experience seamless.

In 2020, our core value proposition of secure, remote work was pressure-tested by the COVID-19 pandemic. The global crisis brought to the forefront some of our solutions’ mission-critical capabilities—enabling flexible work and business continuity. We made a commitment early on to maintain our operations and support our customers to ensure safe, secure, and uninterrupted operations throughout this global crisis as the vast majority of our employee base worked remotely. At the onset of the crisis, we made available shorter-term licenses at discounted prices to help customers in their critical time of need. We also provided customers resources, guidance, virtual seminars, insights, best practices and other assistance to help organizations shape their own remote work and crisis-response programs. We provided this while continuing to work to ensure the safety of Citrix employees globally.


users across 400,000 organizations use Citrix.


of the Fortune 500 trust Citrix to power a better way to work.


of us at Citrix are dedicated to continuing to earn that trust.

Our solutions are also a critical piece of technology infrastructure for frontline industries—like hospitals, labs, federal, state and local government agencies and the food supply chain. We are honored to be part of the solution enabling the great work so many of our customers provide in this time of need. Citrix solutions are utilized across nearly every industry and are available globally to help keep teams safe and productive.

The pandemic combined with the climate crisis and a heightened awareness of systemic racism and calls for social justice have brought the nation and the world to a turning point. As individuals and as organizations, the actions we take influence outcomes. There’s no doubt our products have never been more relevant in helping customers manage through these unsettled times and work towards solutions that can benefit the greater good. At Citrix, we are working quickly and thoughtfully to best meet the needs of our customers, employees, communities and the environment.

We’re proud that more than 100 million users across 400,000 organizations—including 98 percent of the Fortune 500—trust Citrix to power a better way to work. All of us at Citrix are dedicated to continuing to earn that trust.

David Henshall
Chief Executive Officer

The butterfly effect of work flexibility

The “butterfly effect” has been described as the phenomenon whereby a small change in a complex system can have large effects elsewhere. The essence of this is captured in John Muir’s note that “When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe.”

That’s become even more true as our world gets increasingly complex. As we delve ever deeper into the positive impacts of work flexibility, we make fundamental changes that multiply and promote additional positive change: we discover that everything does connect to everything else.

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