The Future Is Here: Deliver a Better Digital Workspace Experience Through Intelligence and Automation

As your enterprise looks for better ways to drive employee productivity through a better technology experience, the infusion of intelligence, automation, and personalization into the digital workspace offers exciting potential. In this webinar, digital workspace thought leaders Andrew Hewitt (Forrester Analyst/Guest speaker) and Calvin Hsu (Citrix VP of Product Marketing) will explore the impact of digital workspaces powered by intelligence and automation.

Attendees of the webinar will learn:

  1. The top challenges organizations face in creating a technology experience that enables productivity
  2. The evolution of digital workspace technology, and particularly the impact of intelligence and automation within the workspace
  3. A day-in-the-life scenario of a digital workspace end user that shows specific processes and advantages


Calvis Hsu
VP Product Marketing

Andrew Hewitt
Analyst Serving Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

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