The distributed contact centre

The future is now

Before the global pandemic, there was already a need for contact centres to modernise their employee experience. Established issues, including employee attrition and a lack of engagement, plus over and understaffing, have persisted as we move into a post pandemic world. Traditional contact centre environments consisting of large open plan workspaces and commuting employees are no longer the norm. Sustainable change is required.

In this white paper, we delve into the new world of the centreless contact centre and investigate how businesses are evaluating and rapidly adapting to a new vision of the future of work. We look at the key elements a modern contact centre needs to handle the challenges of today, while being prepared for tomorrow, and why the time to act is now.

Download the white paper and you’ll discover:

  • What has changed and why now
  • What was preventing progress?
  • How this can change be maintained and what are the benefits
  • The contact centre of the future, today

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