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Protecting an online retail brand and its bottom line in unprecedented times

In only a few months our lives have changed in ways we have never seen or imagined before and retail is facing the biggest change in a generation. Customers are already shopping differently, online sales were up from 17.2% of total retail sales in 2018 to 21.9% in March 2020 and further boosted to 30% by the COVID-19 pandemic. Traditional brands are being put under enormous pressure to adapt and innovate to remain profitable.

Ensuring customer loyalty has always been paramount but, as consumer behaviour and expectations evolve, retailers are being forced to work even harder to not only serve but delight their customers particularly those that shop online. To do so, they must be equipped with technology and information that benefits customers and serves their business goals.

Download the white paper and you’ll discover how technology can work across all areas of retail including finance, sales and marketing, to drive revenue, cut costs and protect the brand to deliver a customer-centred approach powered by robust, scalable technology.

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