Improving employee experience and engagement to improve business outcomes

In only a few months this global pandemic has changed our lives in ways we have never seen or imagined before.

Now is the time to reimagine the fundamentals of how we work. We need to be ready to examine our organisation’s values, discover how we can become better employers, and how we can significantly improve productivity in these very difficult times.

The research in this whitepaper explores the relationship between the employee experience, employee engagement and productivity prior to the outbreak of the virus.

Within the next month, Citrix will revisit the situation and publish a report based on new research following the outbreak of Covid-19 which will demonstrate how much employer and employee perceptions have shifted in their attitudes to productivity and the workplace.

Download the white paper and you’ll discover:

  • How employee experience and engagement is crucial when improving productivity, across all sectors but particularly in the insurance and retail sectors.
  • That offering flexible working is key to attracting and retaining talent in a competitive market, this is particularly true for workers between the ages 25 and 45.

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