Education driving a new era of sustainability

Sustainability – and the technology that makes it possible – is becoming increasingly important to universities. There is an expectation that sustainability ranks highly on the list of priorities for every university as students believe they should take more responsibility. In fact, our survey showed 45% of students factor a university’s sustainability ranking when making their decision to apply.

Gerard Lavin (Field CTO at Citrix) is joined by a panel of educational experts and thought leaders for an interactive discussion around sustainability and what it means to university leaders today.

Hear their views on how sustainability is shaping:

  • Technology decisions and the delivery of boundaryless education
  • Greater responsibility in supply chains and procurement
  • A cultural shift in remote learning and the strategies they’re adopting
  • The syllabus and student expectations at many universities

Guest Speakers

Alex Jones
Sustainability officer
University College London

Tanya Spee
Member of the Vattenfall Solar Team

Ian Leslie
Director IS & Senior Adviser on Environmental Sustainability
University of Cambridge

Gerard Lavin Field

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