eBook: Digital Transformation in Central Government

Reduce complexity, enhance sustainability, and empower staff

The requirement to ‘do more with less’ continues to guide the actions and operations of central government departments.

Technology plays a key role in making this possible, helping to improve efficiencies and enable cost savings across the organisation by driving staff engagement.

Our eBook looks at five key focus areas that could help you on your journey to a digital future including:

  • Staff engagement
  • Staff mobility
  • Citizen Centricity
  • Hybrid multi cloud: A path to IT efficiency
  • Migration to cloud services for a sustainable future

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Additional Resources

White paper: Digital Transformation in UK Central Government
Delivering Smarter Working today

Our white paper looks at the four key goals of the government’s Smarter Working programme; Leadership, Technology, People and Workspace design. You’ll discover how Citrix can help deliver both the human and functional aspirations of the programme through an engaging digital workplace experience for central government and help ensure no one is left behind.

Infographic: Central Government Sustainability and the role of ICT

In our infographic we explore how central government IT departments can help lead the way to a sustainable future by offering staff an engaging workplace experience.

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