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Preparing water and energy organisations for the future

Getting the best out of employees requires a new IT mindset—one focused on experiences that push beyond digital transformation toward human transformation.

Retaining talent is the top issue on the minds of the C-suite and for good reason. Employees who are engaged in their work are proven to be more productive, innovative, and self-starting. It’s no wonder that improving the so-called employee experience is a hot topic among business leaders across industries and functions. But what role does IT play? What role should technology play?

The Economist Intelligence Unit conducted a study that revealed IT has a much larger role to play in leading employee experience than is typically understood. In fact, IT and HR leaders feel equally responsible for the employee experience. Across industries and geographies, organizations are finding—and proving—that a better employee experience leads directly to improved business results, such as enhanced customer satisfaction, improved profitability, increased employee engagement and productivity, and lower workforce turnover.

Read the Economist Intelligence Unit brief, sponsored by Citrix, to discover more key findings of the research within the UK.

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