Financial Institution of the Future

How are organisations like yours seeing the future?

Citrix commissioned independent research into the future of financial institutions (FI) by talking to 45 global c-suite respondents. The research explores the impact of Covid-19 on Digital Transformation and how FIs have accelerated their plans.

Based on this research we have put together a kit for you, with a research paper and an on-demand webinar. You can download both when you fill in the form here.

We found that organisations know they need to digitise more rapidly, but they tell us that specialist resources are hard to find. FIs are accelerating and evolving the IT plans to cope with the new environment and the different challenges and opportunities presented including:

  • More cloud adoption
  • Upskilling
  • More flexible recruitment
  • More innovation and digital services
  • Cyber

Geoff Kates from London based HTF who conducted the research hosted a panel discussion with leading Financial Institutions to discuss the key results and findings from the research in an open and interactive forum. If you missed the webinar or would like to listen again it’s available on demand here together with the full research paper.

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