The Digital Transformation of Retail

As consumers have been forced to change how they shop, retailers have had to rethink their hybrid retail strategy. But what of the hybrid staff and management needed to run the business of the future?

Join us for this webinar, where retail expert and editor, Paul Skeldon at InternetRetailing, will share the latest findings on how consumer shopping habits have changed since the pandemic and how retailers have responded.

Christian Schwendemann, an expert in digital transformation at Citrix, will explore the latest trends and developments in the digital transformation of retail and share how retailers are leveraging technology to future proof their retail strategy.

Come and learn with us:

  • How retailers are managing the changing customer and employee experience
  • How the right digital foundation can create an agile organization and prepare for the future of shopping
  • How to accelerate your organization with future-ready IT

Paul Skeldon

Christian Schwendemann
Go-to-market strategy manager

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