Citrix - Global Banking Summit

30 November - 2 December 2021

The hybrid workplace is now a reality not just a concept, and it is here to stay. Most organisations have embraced it, happy for staff to work part of the week from home and part of it from the office. In the financial sector the lockdowns forced banks, asset managers, insurers and other firms to require many employees to operate from home. Now, with Covid-19 restrictions being lifted, many people want to continue working from home and most firms are letting them do so for significant periods of time and to choose, within reason, how often they go into the office.

The solution is a combination of good people management, culture and the right technology. The objective should be to create a cloud-based digital workspace that can be accessed securely from office desktops and mobile devices, one that allows staff to share data, use all types of software delivered through legacy systems or the cloud, benefit from features such as single sign-on (SSO) access, and provide high levels of customer service – all in a way that satisfies the financial regulators.

Explore with Citrix what it takes to build a unified, productive, collaborative and secure digital workspace, one that helps firms unlock human potential and provide a positive experience for customers.

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