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It’s easy to become a Citrix Service Provider (CSP) and start turning commodity-hosted services into differentiated hosted desktop and application cloud services. The program is designed with minimal barriers to entry, with no upfront costs or investments. Citrix Service Providers have access to all of the Citrix solutions they need to build their solutions on a monthly subscription basis.

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The Citrix Service Provider Program is much more than just licensing; it’s a complete program for building your business. The Citrix Service Provider Accelerator Program guides new partners through the technical, business and marketing steps of becoming a highly successful CSP.

The comprehensive reference architecture explains how to build multi-tenant solutions for delivering apps and desktops from the cloud with best practices and proven design considerations. CSPs also have exclusive access to technologies for automating and simplifying datacenter operations and delivering an amazing hosted experience.

The ready-to-go marketing platform allows partners to easily customize marketing kits with their logo and message for turnkey demand generation campaigns and webinars. CSPs have a complete set of sales tools including presentations and brochures at their disposal.

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