Citrix Services Delivery Program

Everything you need to surpass your consulting services goals and boost your product sales.

Citrix Services Delivery Program overview

Discover simple, repeatable services delivery

Our Citrix Services Delivery Program empowers you to deliver the full value of Citrix Services and solutions to your customers. With our Services Delivery Kits, you can leverage our proven Citrix Consulting methodology and extensive field experience to:

  • Deliver enhanced services, time after time—with a complete package of services delivery blueprints, video tutorials, tools, and resources, all based on years of Citrix Consulting IP.
  • Skill up and drive extra revenue—with targeted training for customer engagement, services execution, and revenue maximization.
  • See where you can sell more—with built-in customer surveys that tell you exactly what else a customer needs and how you’re performing.


Citrix Partners who excel at services delivery sell 40% more product in the first 12 months.

Citrix Sponsored, Internal 2016

Get certified for even more exclusive benefits

Take it a step further and become a certified Citrix Services Delivery Partner. Show customers you have a proven track record of delivering exceptional services, and gain a host of extra benefits, including:

  • Membership in our Global Virtual Bench—augment the staffing capacity of Citrix Consulting to satisfy our customer requirements and timelines.
  • Preferential promotion—stand out on our Partner Locator with your certified logo, number of Services Delivery Kits delivered, and NPS. We’ll also recommend you to customers based on your NPS scores.
  • Rewards—receive a discount on our Services Delivery Kits and credit for kits delivered with a promoter score.

Your three steps to certification


Complete our training.

We’ll give your specialists access to the same eLearning courses our own consultants and sales engineers use.


Pass our certification exam.

Once a set number of your specialists have passed our exam, you’ll be able to use the certified Citrix Services Delivery Program partner logo.


Put your training into practice.

Simply deliver at least three kits with a favorable NPS within six months to start enjoying the full benefits of your certification.

Next steps

Browse the offerings catalog, and purchase Services Delivery Kits on the Services Delivery portal.

Learn more about how to get certified.

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