Troubleshoot monolithic and microservices applications faster

Get comprehensive analytics across all applications and ADCs from a single pane of glass

Visibility into the health and traffic patterns is a must for mission-critical applications. You need a comprehensive analytics platform that not only enables you to easily monitor and troubleshoot issues with your monolithic and microservices-based applications, but also the underlying ADC infrastructure on which they run. Getting an immediate big-picture view of the health of your applications and ADCs across environments, along with the ability to drill down to inspect anomalies, is essential to successful application delivery management.

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Providing your team members—regardless of role—with the right features and insights for addressing the issues that they care about most is key to troubleshooting applications. Citrix Application Delivery Management enables you to give the right people the right insights and features, including:

  • Holistic view of applications and ADCs for IT Ops
  • Comprehensive view of all security details for Security Ops
  • Focused view of specific applications for Application Owners

The ability to look at every historical web application session is invaluable for pinpointing application performance problems. By capturing every HTTP and HTTPS transaction, compiling and correlating the data, and presenting it in a searchable format, Citrix Application Delivery Management enables you to more quickly spot anomalies and then drill down to discover the root cause of an issue. Solve issues faster with:

  • Detailed logs of every web transaction
  • Search capability to find relevant logs
  • Ability to isolate an ADC-to-end user vs. ADC-to-server problem

Citrix Application Delivery Management features interactive and intuitive-to-use service graphs that provide a global picture of the performance and health of your microservices to help you quickly locate and address anomalies. Service graphs help you to get full visibility with a complete map of your microservices; understand throughput, saturation, errors, and latency for each microservice; and learn health scores with intuitive color coding and composite scores for quick assessment.