Ensure SD-WAN security for the branch, data center, and cloud

As workloads and applications begin to move out of data centers to public cloud environments, the legacy hub and spoke architecture where network and security enforcement points co-exist at every branch office requires a more flexible and agile approach. When it comes to SD-WAN security, enterprises should have options that are framed by cost parameters, size of the business, compliance, and available in-house IT resources. Security can be a fully distributed, centralized, or hybrid model. The critical question becomes one of how to extract maximum performance while ensuring that SD-WAN continues to provide strong protection of users, applications, and data at branches, data centers, and clouds against an ever-increasing number of multi-vector cyber threats. 

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Citrix’s SD-WAN integrated firewall is designed to strengthen your security with multi-layer protection so you can extend security beyond the data center and to the WAN edge. You can deploy Citrix SD-WAN with confidence knowing that your perimeter is secured by a firewall, that has been certified by the ICSALabs. This model complements your trusted firewall at the data center and protects your site infrastructure from cyber surveillance and low-level attacks without sacrificing network performance.

Citrix partners with industry-leading security solutions, such as Palo Alto Networks Prisma Access (previously known as GlobalProtect Cloud Service) and Zscaler Secure Internet Gateway, to provide distributed branch offices with Secure Web Gateway capabilities. With just a few clicks in the Citrix SD-WAN orchestration service, you can quickly create secure IPsec tunnels between branch sites and local Prisma public cloud security gateways. If you’re looking for an extensible OpEx-based solution, this integration also offers additional premium security services such as advanced threat protection and threat intelligence for zero-day attack prevention, putting you completely in control.

For branch sites that require the most advanced protection beyond an integrated firewall, the Citrix SD-WAN 1100 integrates the Palo Alto VM-50/100 running as a virtualized next-gen firewall. As the host platform, the Citrix SD-WAN 1100 is a high-performance and SDN/NFV-ready appliance powered by eight virtual CPUs and rated for 1Gbps of WAN throughput. The combination of Citrix SD-WAN and Palo Alto firewall represents the best-of-breed solution that is ideal for organizations looking to consolidate WAN edge devices and industries operating under stringent compliance requirements, such as HIPAA, PCI-DSS, and GDPR.

Citrix product

Citrix SD-WAN

  • Segments your network and protects the data, control, and management planes with built-in security features that are standard in both physical and virtualized versions of Citrix SD-WAN.
  • Protects against cyber surveillance and low-level attacks by strengthening your centralized data center firewall with Citrix SD-WAN integrated firewall at the branches.
  • Leverages deep technology integrations with industry-leading partners to provide a range of cloud and on-premises security services – from basic Secure Web Gateway to advanced next-gen firewall (NGFW).