Welcome to the Citrix Search Center of Excellence

This central resource empowers marketers and business leaders throughout Citrix with access to the digital information they need to better understand our Web search programs at Citrix.

Understanding Web Search

Search programs at Citrix are focused on driving highly qualified visitors to Citrix.com, our global web properties and campaign microsites. Approximately 40% of our total site traffic comes from organic and paid search channels.

  • Organic search traffic to Citrix.com and our global sites exceeded 9M visits in 2015.
  • Paid search traffic to Citrix.com and campaign microsites exceeded 300K visits in 2015.

Organic and Paid Search

Organic and paid search programs help drive users to Citrix.com and our global web properties from search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): A marketing process to improve the visibility of a website in organic search engine results. Inclusion in this area of the search results is free and the order of results is based on various ranking factors.
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM): A type of online advertising used to promote a website in the paid search results of a search engine or partner site. Inclusion in this area of the search results is paid and the order of ads is based on campaign settings and ad auction factors.

Citrix.com Site Search

Citrix.com site search help users locate information once they are already on Citrix.com by searching pages within the website.

  • Site Search: Citrix.com site search includes searches conducted via the search box in the upper right corner of Citrix.com. Some aspects of the site search results can be manipulated to improve relevance and deliver an enhanced user experience.