Welcome to Cloud Success.

Whether you’re cloud curious or already committed to the journey ahead, we’re here to help.

The Cloud Success team supports all Citrix Cloud customers, from pre-purchase, through deployment, and beyond. We will help you accelerate attainment of critical business outcomes by:

  • Leveraging leading practices coupled with peer benchmarks
  • Driving user adoption through tried and tested UX strategies
  • Expanding value through use of new resources and features

Let us guide your cloud journey.

We’ll map the path ahead, and then we’ll walk it with you.

We’ll review your Citrix use cases and business goals. We’ll create meaningful milestones and metrics. We’ll set all this down in a written plan – and then we’ll help you deliver it.

Along the way, we’ll identify anything else you need. Then, we’ll find it for you. We’ll keep everyone focused on your metrics, we’ll celebrate your triumphs – and we’ll be there when you need us, for as long as you need us.

See you in the clouds!

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