NetApp and Citrix Hypervisor

Simple and cost-effective storage management  

Storage integration and efficiency

NetApp offers storage solutions that have been tightly integrated with Citrix technology to simplify storage management and reduce costs in virtualized environments. An example of this deep integration is the NetApp Virtual Storage Console (VSC) for Citrix Hypervisor. This plug-in to XenCenter provides management capabilities for NetApp storage, including provisioning, deduplication, resizing, and destruction of storage repositories. Our VSC also enables Citrix administrators to deploy thousands of VMs in only a few minutes while consuming only a small amount of storage. In addition, tight solution integration with native storage features such as data deduplication and thin provisioning, for storage utilization improvements between 50 percent and 90 percent.

Flexible storage management

Citrix Hypervisor, together with NetApp, delivers simple, flexible storage management. Instantly clone virtual machines to shorten test and development cycles or easily adapt to fluctuating storage demands using your choice of full or space-efficient storage provisioning. Do it all from within the Citrix Hypervisor interface.

Protect and recover without performance impact

Protect your Citrix Hypervisor virtual infrastructure with near-instantaneous backups and solutions for remote mirroring that don’t impact performance. Recover quickly from data loss, server failure, or site-wide disasters with NetApp’s backup and disaster recovery integration with Citrix Hypervisor.