Fujitsu and Citrix Hypervisor

Fujitsu Dynamic Infrastructures enable dynamic business

Fujitsu PRIMERGY servers virtualized with Citrix Hypervisor are a core foundation for Fujitsu Dynamic Infrastructures that support the dynamic business of customers through the unique combination of products, solutions, services and managed infrastructures. Dynamic Infrastructures build upon Citrix Hypervisor to give IT managers a much greater degree of flexibility to adapt to changing business demands. Resources are automatically assigned to applications and services as needed. New servers can be easily added to the server pool, for example, if there is an overall increase in demand for bandwidth. Applications can be scaled up and out on demand. It’s all about doing more with less—more efficiency and more flexibility with fewer costs.

ServerView management integration

The idea behind Dynamic Infrastructures may be visionary, but the implementation strategy is very concrete: virtualization, automation and integration. Citrix Hypervisor is fully integrated with Fujitsu ServerView enabling Fujitsu server management functions to be integrated with Citrix Hypervisor environments. Fujitsu ServerView Resource Coordinator unifies management of pools of physical and Citrix Hypervisor virtualized servers, and enables dynamic allocation of Citrix Hypervisor-based resources to applications, reducing administration cost and TCO.

Flexibility and high performance

With the alignment and integration of Citrix and Fujitsu technologies and products contributing to the common goal of an optimized IT infrastructure, Fujitsu and Citrix provide customers with significantly improved business efficiency, agility and continuity. Reduced budgets mean IT departments need to become more flexible; it’s not just about hardware, it’s also about solutions. Based on industry standard architectures, PRIMERGY servers virtualized with Citrix Hypervisor are the ideal answer to the do-more-with-less challenge. By helping organizations improve operational efficiency, Citrix and Fujitsu virtualization solutions pay for themselves over and over again.

As a strategic partner to Citrix, we are proud to be one of the largest providers of virtualised managed desktops in the market and support the Citrix Desktop Transformation Model that acts as a guide to helping us achieve our customers’ desktop virtualisation goals.

Michael Keegan
Business Development Director