Citrix and Dell Solutions for Education

Give students the power to learn from anywhere

Dell’s Virtual Lab offers a flexible and fully accommodating virtual lab for students and faculty. Instead of installing software on a lab computer or a personal device, applications and data reside in the datacenter and are accessed remotely. The result: Instant access to a 24-hour virtualized environment on any device, on or off campus. Featuring simplified client management and enhanced security, Dell Virtual Lab delivers a coordinated approach with single-source support. It helps keep data secure and protects confidentiality by granting delegated levels of access to students and staff.

Dell Virtual Lab also helps administrators lower the total cost of IT operations, a critical task due to diminishing budgets and government incentives. Managing physical computer labs is costly and a huge burden for the IT team. Device upkeep, lab expansions, and semester provisioning are tasks that keep IT running in place. By consolidating and standardizing all desktops, applications and data in the datacenter, IT can deliver an optimal desktop and application experience while reducing management, maintenance and support costs.

Dell Virtual Labs leverages desktop virtualization technology to provide a centralized datacenter that is remotely accessible by students, faculty and staff, which:

  • Allows students access to lab applications and data from any device, anywhere — whether they’re in the library, their dorm rooms or off campus
  • Provides the same performance to students, faculty and staff no matter what operating system or device they’re using
  • Reduces the time IT staff spends managing desktop devices and frees up time for more strategic projects
  • Is validated to work with the most critical higher education applications. Dell has also provided guidance on licensing the applications in a virtual environment

View these webinars to learn more about how Citrix and Dell are addressing Online testing standards.

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