Easily manage data growth with enterprise-grade scalability

Today's employees work and collaborate from anywhere. To achieve true enterprise mobility, they need to:

  • Access an easy-to-use secure file sharing service from any device
  • Eliminate the use of slow file FTP services
  • Collaborate with customers and partners
  • Complete transactions without the need to print and sign

Citrix Content Collaboration gives true enterprise-class data services across all corporate and personal mobile devices while still meeting strict corporate security requirements. Users can access and sync all of their data from any device and securely share it with people both inside and outside the organization for easy collaboration and enhanced productivity. Large file size support and integration with workflow tools, such as Microsoft Outlook, provide an unmatched user experience.

Compared to typical FTP servers, ShareFile is an unbelievable improvement and offers significantly more than other file sharing solutions.
Nils Westermann
IT Consultant

MDM integration boosts productivity and enhances mobile security

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is necessary to enable secure enterprise mobility, but it’s only the beginning. To close the security gaps introduced by consumer-grade email and file sharing apps—and give people the business-oriented features they depend on to be fully productive—your enterprise mobility management solution needs to include enterprise-grade file sync and sharing. Citrix Content Collaboration, as part of Citrix Endpoint Management for mobile content management, allows employees to access, sync, and securely share files from any device with people both inside and outside the organization, while IT maintains security and control. Together, Citrix Content Collaboration and Citrix Endpoint Management provide seamless integration with popular productivity tools, and help IT ensure full adoption and divert users from unsecure consumer apps. Granular, multilayered security helps IT protect corporate information wherever and on whatever device people use it.

Integrate mobile apps, desktops, and services 

Data is a critical component of the mobile workspace, making it possible for people to get their work done anywhere. Citrix Content Collaboration is optimized for virtual desktop environments, integrating with Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops and leveraging enterprise-grade security. Citrix Content Collaboration allows seamless transitions from physical to virtual desktops and future OS migrations, enabling IT teams to future-proof their investment. Workers can access and sync all of their data from any device and securely share it with colleagues, partners, and customers. Organizations can minimize loss of intellectual property and sensitive private information through data encryption, password authentication, and secure lock and wipe on the device, or through centralization of applications and desktops, which keeps all content in the data center.

Enable document workflows with built-in electronic signature

More and more businesses are seeking a single solution that goes beyond just addressing their mobility needs to support workflows, such as approval chains, and enhance collaboration. Citrix Content Collaboration is also available as a collaborative workspace that includes several other integrated Citrix services with unlimited cloud storage, allowing users to securely exchange, track, edit and e-sign content.

  • Digitally sign proposals, projects, and invoices with RightSignature
  • Collaborate on projects and design custom document workflows with Podio
  • Store everything and replace on-prem PC backup using Citrix Content Collaboration unlimited cloud storage
  • Optimize access across physical, virtual, and mobile workspaces with ShareConnect