Citrix as a Corporate Citizen

The vision of Corporate Citizenship is to help people work better and live better

Because as work gets better, life gets better. As people’s work life improves, their personal life improves, and as their personal life improves, their community improves, and the effect continues to ripple outward. And this has enormous potential for good.

The new corporate citizenship strategy at Citrix is about galvanizing the Citrix family around helping families in need build a more stable, satisfying, and rewarding work life. It’s about reinforcing a culture of service, initiative, action, and leadership.  A culture that recognizes the power and joy of giving back to those in need.   

Our strategic focus incorporates a holistic approach that includes two main components.

  • Simply Serve is the brand name of all of our global volunteer programs.
  • Simply Give is our corporate giving program.  It provides grant dollars at the corporate level and also supports personal employee donations through our charitable match program.

These programs are  intended to reinforce a culture of service by:

  • Mobilizing Citrites around the world in community stewardship
  • Increasing employee volunteerism in local communities around the world
  • Measuring and tracking that impact

For an overview of our Corporate Citizenship efforts, check out the Year in Review brochure and see the giving spirit that characterizes Citrix employees around the world as they support those in need in their communities in 2017.

Citrix as a Global Citizen

As Citrix continues to grow, so does our responsibility to be global corporate citizens. Citrix is rapidly expanding its business every day. With that growth comes the responsibility to be a worldwide corporate citizen. Globally, Citrix supports the UN’s Millennium Development Goals and draws from its 2,100 communities in 122 countries. Citrix works to make a difference in these communities by providing our products, our business skills and our personal time to fill the digital divide and enable information access for all.

One example of Citrix’s global citizenship was the visit by Paramount  Chief Nana Akuoko Sarpong, Omahene of Agogo, Ghana.  Nana visited Citrix headquarters in Fort Lauderdale to discuss how Citrix technology is aiding in Ghana’s economic development plans.   In cooperation with Microsoft, Citrix committed to establishing an ISP/ASP applications systems operation and training center in the Agogo Traditional Area, to provide information access for community development, education and improved healthcare. The center’s access infrastructure will dramatically improve information exchange, enabling e-learning through World Bank programs such as HIV/AIDS education, treatment and prevention. Information and application access will foster new entrepreneurial activity like the planned 1,400 hectare aquaculture and hydroponics complex (fish and vegetable farming on a large commercial scale). It is these kinds of global relationships that make the promise of technology a reality... in Ghana, and around the world.