Support employee well-being

Address the human element of work with a personalized experience for your employees

In times of great change, employee needs can dramatically shift, and organizations must respond to maintain an effective and satisfied workforce. This means that workspace technology needs to focus on more than technology—it needs to focus on the person. When making changes to policies and programs, employee well-being must become part of the equation. Research shows a link between employees’ needs and the underlying drivers of their engagement, well-being, and work effectiveness1. Leveraging the power of a strong workspace platform that seamlessly integrates well-being into the employee experience gives people the space they need to work and be well.

Create a culture of well-being 

The workspace platform from Citrix offers deep integrations with hundreds of the most widely used employee-focused applications—so you can create a more holistic digital environment to support your employees. With the help of Citrix partners, you can customize microapp workflows to improve overall well-being. From reminders to take a break, shoutouts for a job well done, or even just a note of encouragement, Citrix Workspace seamlessly brings the world of well-being to users. No extra steps or additional logins required.

Maximize HR investment 

While the issue of workplace stress isn’t new, studies show more than 40% of employees face lowered productivity and stability as a result of the always-on nature of modern remote work2. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Citrix Workspace can provide an experience customized to promote well-being, allowing employees access to the resources that increase productivity, reduce absenteeism, and increase retention3. Simply identify which actions will be most beneficial to your workforce, and create the custom workflow to meet those specific needs.

Increase employee engagement 

Employee well-being programs are nothing new, but research reveals there’s often a gap between what companies offer and what employees actually need4.Employee engagement initiatives can help solve this challenge. Something as simple as giving people a way to recognize one another publicly has been shown to reduce turnover and generate excitement for work5. With Citrix Workspace, you can create workflows to conduct pulse surveys, share good news and more. Together, these actions can add up to some significant advantages that go beyond the benefits of mental and emotional well-being—like greater profitability and higher levels of growth6.

Technology can both hurt and help our emotional well-being.  A few good use cases: connecting with others, giving us access to uplifting emotions, helping us self-regulate, and helping our productivity and efficiency.

Dr. Amit Sood
Executive Director
Global Center for Resiliency and Well-Being

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