Plan for successful user adoption on Citrix Workspace

Once you’ve established your team of champions, it’s time to plan your journey to successful adoption. Below is a sample timeline that includes the steps you should take as you build a strategy and plan that will interest, excite, and educate your end users about Citrix Workspace.

This plan will allow you to successfully manage change by engaging people early, acclimating them to what’s to come, and empowering them to use Citrix Workspace in a way that will power a better way to work.

Sample timeline
10-12 weeks before rollout

Facilitate kickoff meeting

Outcome: Get commitment from the team, generate excitement, and establish next steps

Owner: Success Lead

Other participants: Executive Champion, Technical Lead, Implementation Lead, Line-of-Business Champion(s)

Deadline: 12 weeks before rollout

Create timeline

Outcome: Using the sample timelines, establish the remaining portion through team collaboration

Owner: Success Lead

Other participants: Implementation Lead (Incorporate the feedback of others as you see fit.)

Deadline: Immediately following the kickoff meeting

Customize your communications strategy and tactics

Outcome: Using the samples provided in this adoption kit (emails, signage, end-user guide), customize your communications strategy to interest, excite, and educate your end-users.

Owner: Implementation Lead

Other participants: Success Lead

Deadline: 10 weeks before rollout

Tips for customizing your timeline and plan

  1. When customizing your plan, consider your company culture and specific use cases. Think about the reasons your organization chose this solution in the first place and shape your plan according to the desired results.
  2. Try using a mix of communication tactics to inform your end users of the changes ahead (get outside the inbox).
  3. Be sure to have your executive champion send the first communication. Your champion should be someone who is widely respected within the organization and whose announcement won’t go unnoticed (Bonus point: schedule the first communication for an all-hands meeting).

Download the full Citrix Workspace Champion’s guide for a complete host of resources.

From a business point of view, the main driver for this has been about collaboration and enabling an increasing-sized organization to work effectively together.

Jason Keith Scott-Taggart
Head of Business Technology Services

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